Public Administration and International Institutions

Business relies on environmental certainty which can only be provided for by government action. Our Administration and International Institutions practice has lead us to advice on local legislative affairs as well as matters of regional stability and governance which has enabled us to better advise our clients in their activities in the region, whether they are profit or non-profit making entities.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We understand that commercial entities and individuals  prefer to avoid litigation as far as possible. Disputes and litigation are stressful to the parties, and take away human and financial resources which could be applied elsewhere. Some acts cannot only result in financial damage to our clients but also in reputation damage.

Construction & Infrastructure

Although progress has been made generally over the last two decades to address these, requirements for construction and infrastructure development continues to grow in West Africa. As
more opportunities arise for more infrastructure development, our clients have found the increasing need for comprehensive legal advice and risk control in the projects that they undertake. Secure land rights however remain a challenge for many operators in the construction and infrastructure industry.


We advise in all aspects of commercial transactions. We know and understand commercial agreements and transactions advising on simple transactions to the more complex structures such as joint-venture agreements and their connected understandings. Our practice objective is to let you manage your business and control your risks.

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