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Social Responsibility

The bulk of our clients are people of commerce. Their operations are geared towards making a profit
for their owners. However we insist upon and do advise and work with organizations and people for
whom the objective is not to make a profit for their members, but for the furtherance of good for
the community at large.


We believe that non-profit organizations and charity must also have access to sound legal advice as
they work to providing those less fortunate than ourselves the opportunity to have access to potable
water, access training and education, and protecting the vulnerable members of our society.

Our core asset is the work and advice that we give to our clients. Our work for non-profit
organizations, charities and people aims at providing the skills and knowledge we gain from our
interaction and service to our profit centred clients as a part of our contribution to society.

This commitment is an integral part of who we are. In this commitment, we work with education
foundations, religious bodies, orphanages as well as organizations providing youth and vocational
training in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and other countries within the West African sub-region.